Monday, December 31, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 35, happy new year with jingle poetry community

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none of you wish to think of jingles
all of you wish to rise and dance disc
we are here for a long time
we try to say good things that can happen

some of you wonder why we do what we do
many of you disagree to change your old tradition
despite that, all of you want to have a holly marriage
all of you wish to land on Disney world

writing poetry can be that profound
poems, haiku, lyrics, songs, tanka, humor,
as long as you write
you feel good, we feel inspired and agreed

do recall jingle poetry community,
which was set september 10, 2010 to september, 10, 2019...etc
to september, 2070
count that 60 years to come, we remain Jingle and Bingle for good

thanks for the patience
we here say  "sail away from a paper leaf"
fly with Jingle
read a book or two from what a friend recommend...

Image result for jingle poetry  
Image result for jingle poetry  
Image result for jingle poetry

  lincoln park zoo, chicago

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  1. hasppy new year to jingle yanqiu herself,
    great blessings fly to her family members.